Lectures and workshops

Mr. Schonfeld provides various lectures on the following subjects:

• The Art of Sales: From trust and loyalty to dealing with objections.

• Skills and experience for customer service.

• Sales Management.

• Service Management.

• Leadership and Motivation.

• Sales; Past, Present, and Future.


Special lectures and workshops

• TP - Tipping Point: How to Create an Organizational Turning Point
  Inspired by the book by Jim Collins, “Good to excellence."

• 12 insights: Important lessons I taught my children about entering the business world

• More Sense than Luck: Creating and Sustaining a Fortune.
  Inspired by the book written by Richard Wiseman. “Luck in your hand!”

• The Future sales world: A new era.

• A trip through Management: How to Excel in Managing and Leading Employees.

• Digital Marketing: Tips, Tools and Practical Ideas for Use in the World of Social Networking.


All lectures and workshops can be delivered in English, Hebrew or Spanish.


Inspired by the book by Richard Wiseman. “Luck in your hand!

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